Three convertible cars at reasonable rates

A convertible car, in the modern sense of the term, is considered any passenger car with a folding hardtop or a soft top. As a rule, the convertible is an “alternative” (and more expensive)version for a coupe model (mainly in the sports car segment). Relatively “inexpensive” convertible cars are modifications of conventional hatchbacks,crossovers, or even sedans. These types of cars are available at avr van rental las vegas. In this article, three modern convertible cars at reasonable price will be described.

Audi A5

 Model A5 is a spacious 4-seater. This is not a traditional convertible with a folding hardtop. Its soft top is a small drawback for a luxury car that deserves a high price.

The debut of the Audi A5 was held at the Detroit Motor Show in December 2008. The model has replaced the A4 convertible. The release of the model began in March 2009. The length of the four-seater car is 4.63 m, the width is 1.85 m, and the height is only 1.38. A nelongated hood, long wheelbase, clear lines and muscular forms create a sporty silhouette. Big wheels, which are perfectly combined with the front and rear parts of the body, complete the image. To increase the rigidity, the heavy-duty steel, which is processed by the method of hot molding, is applied.

Soft folding top consists of three layers. In addition, a soft mat is laid inside. This is sufficient to ensure acceptable acoustic comfort. For those, who need silence, as in the executive class sedan, there is an additional option. Instead of a mat between the fabric layers, a 15 mm foam pad is used. Thanks to its hydraulic drive, the classic fabric roof folds up in 17 seconds and rises in 15 seconds at a speed of up to50 km/h. The soft top is compactly folded into three layers and stored under a tight-fitting lid.

The compartment, where the roof is removed, is made of durable textiles and decorated with an aluminum lining. Of the 380 liters of the total trunk volume, the foldable design takes only 60 liters. With the rear seats folded down, the trunk volume increases to 750 liters. If the driver decides to fold the top and the trunk is completely full, a beep will be heard.

BMW 3-series

A good convertible four-seater is the BMW 3-series. This is an excellent example of a convertible in the lower price range. On top of everything else, the BMW 3-series is distinguished by quite good driving characteristics and reliability. The world premiere of a convertible on the triple chassis was held in March 2000 at the Geneva Motor Show. When it is cold outside, a hard top could be installed, and the car turns into a coupe.

 Since summer 2000, the BMW M3 convertible and coup e are having SMG II gearbox. This is a clutchless manual transmission,built on the technology of “Formula 1” and having an automatic gearshift mode. Regardless of the body shape of the model, developers have achieved a high level of active and passive safety. Almost all models are equipped withABS and ASC + T anti-skid system. The high level of passive safety provided by directional deformation zones is enhanced by the use of pyrotechnic tensioners and seat belt anchors on the front seats. Models are equipped with inflatable airbags for the driver and front passenger, as well as side airbags located in the front doors.

Porsche Boxster

The surprisingly affordable Porsche Boxster convertibles are mentioned by the biggest part of the drivers from the best side. The car has a good engine and excellent steering. The only drawback of the Porsche Boxster is a fairly expensive service, while the car itself is quite cheap. Used cars are sold for 5.5 thousand dollars.

It is easy to turn the Boxster into a convertible:

  1. Pull the lever above the rear view mirror
  2. Press the button of the soft-top electric drive.

In 12 seconds, you will be under the open sky. It is noteworthy that the gas cap is located in the right front fender,and the ignition lock is to the left of the steering column.

Ergonomics is thought out to the smallest detail. Nothing distracts the driver from the process. The position of the arrow on a huge tachometer in the center of the instrument panel can be watched even with peripheral vision. You are informed about the speed at a particular moment with the help of large digits on the screen occupying the lower part of the tachometer. It also displays the indications of the onboard computer, including the navigation system.

The Boxster is a sleek, fast, truly sporty car that allows being used every day.

Lowered car roof, wind in the hair, a complete sense of freedom are available not only to financially secure drivers.There are several offers on the convertible cars’ market, which deserve attention in case you are interested in this type of cars. Always look closer and you will find what you are searching for.